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Blocking Cell Phone Number When Calling Out For Large Exams

Lindon Molly 2022/05/09

There are many kinds of mobile phone signal shielding equipment, generally handheld, wearable, and launching desktop. The general shielding range of Blocking Cell Phone Number When Calling Out equipment on the market is 500 meters. The working principle of the mobile phone signal shielding device: It searches and interferes with the mobile phone communication signal through the signals of some other bands sent by the mobile phone signal shielding device, so that the mobile phone cannot be connected to the communication base station normally. To achieve the purpose of not being able to receive or send information and make calls normally. cell phone jammer The equipment is generally used for large-scale examinations such as the college entrance examination and the national civil service examination, as well as state secret projects. For example: the research and development of new products of military enterprises.

Mobile phone signal blocking equipment is used in many places, but it is not immediately available after installation. We also need to go through certain tests to determine its use effect and ensure that it is truly effective. Below, Blocking Cell Phone Number When Calling Out the manufacturer, we will share with you how to test the effect of mobile phone signal jammers. If you want to make sure that the cell phone signal blocker can effectively block the cell phone signal, it is very important to test it when purchasing a cell phone signal blocker. It is necessary to find all the mobile phones of the current mobile communication provider before testing, to ensure that each mobile phone network can meet the minimum one classroom, and then to test the shielding effect after switching on, make sure that the mobile phone has no signal within half an hour, and cannot appear. Sometimes not.