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Does Lead Block Cell Phone Radiation

Coss Wayne 2022/3/29

I walked into the farmyard, continued to search, and found that Does Lead Block Cell Phone Radiation in the yard was built without authorization. Turn off the cell phone jammer, eliminate the interference of the mobile base station, and the communication returns to normal. After verification, cell phone jammer was purchased and used by a car loan company in Leping to block the positioning signal of car mobile phones. Law enforcement officers temporarily seized cell phone jammers and provided legal education to those involved. Since late March, the Shijiazhuang Non-Supervision Bureau has successively received complaints from Shijiazhuang Mobile Company, claiming that multiple communication base stations near the Shengjing Bafang Community in the Eastern Development Zone have been severely interfered with, and the normal life of mobile phone users has been affected. On the morning of March 31, the Shijiazhuang Non-Supervision Bureau sent law enforcement technicians to the interference site to conduct a localization investigation, and finally located the source of the interference in a remote warehouse of a personal mortgage company in the community.

The jamming signal is privately set up by the personal mortgage company. Production of car GPS jammers. With the cooperation of the public security officers, the law enforcement officers removed 7 mobile phone signal jammers that were working, and the interference was eliminated immediately. At present, the case is further handled by the local public security organs. So what did Does Lead Block Cell Phone Radiation do for the school? In recent years, at the beginning of June every year, the three major operators of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom send text messages to all users, saying that "the national college entrance examination will be held on June 7-8. During the college entrance examination, every test center will turn on high-power mobile phones. The jammer will greatly affect the communication quality of the surrounding users, please understand the majority of candidates, and I wish all the college entrance examination candidates a smooth exam!" The meaning of this text message is to tell everyone: the use of mobile phone signal jammers may affect the normal use of mobile phones of residents around the school. .