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Harris Melvin 2022/3/27

The small and portable "anti-square dance artifact" weighs only 128g, has a built-in lithium battery and smart chip, and has a rear switch. A shopkeeper told reporters that the principle of the "anti-square dance artifact" is infrared intelligent decoding, which uses built-in intelligent chips to interfere with audio. Therefore, this means that the "anti-square dance artifact" can only interfere with smart speakers, such as speakers with remote controls, Bluetooth speakers, card speakers, U disk speakers, etc. Indoor speakers, desktop speakers, indoor KTVs, tweeters, radios, etc. cannot be disturbed. " Buy Cell Phone Jammer Online Canada " is also required. "

Be sure to face the audio control panel, because there is a receiver on the control panel, and the audio signal will only be disturbed when we transmit the signal through the artifact. So, the audio without the receiver will not interfere. The store told reporters that the artifact needs to be operated on site, and it is not recommended to start. The unit price of such an "anti-square dance artifact" is 150-400 yuan, and there are many online stores. On a certain purchasing platform, the highest sales volume exceeded 100,000 . cell phone jammer In addition to shielding WiFi2.4G and Bluetooth signals, it can also shield 2G and 3G mobile phone signals at the same time, which is really amazing. In addition, due to the design of the car charger, Buy Cell Phone Jammer Online Canada can also be used directly in the car, because the bluetooth jammer is powered off , you can charge it with a car charger and then fully charge it.