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Cell Phone Blocking Technology

Mitchell Kara 2022/3/28

Cities and departments can use Cell Phone Blocking Technology according to their actual conditions. The effective shielding range of different places of use is different, and the shielding range of different models of mobile phones in the same place is not necessarily the same. Therefore, the installation and use management of mobile phone signal jammers require relevant functional departments to attach great importance to ensuring the safe use of cell phone jammer equipment and meeting their own needs without affecting the normal use of public mobile communications. Mobile phone signal shielding system is a professional modern communication signal shielding technology, especially suitable for special environments such as prisons and detention centers. This puts forward higher requirements for mobile phone signal shielding technology. Cell phone signals can vary greatly at different times. Detention centers and prisons are often designed for maximum signal requirements and this power redundancy. They are capable of high reliability and classified occasions to ensure a stable and effective shielding effect.

Such shielding requirements are strictly shielded and operate 24 hours a year. For such high-demand special occasions, the purpose of establishing a high-quality mobile phone signal shielding system is to ensure safety and development. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter rushed to Nanjing Forestry University and walked into a classroom in a teaching building. On the upper and lower walls of the blackboard in front of the classroom, the reporter noticed that there were two small boxes and a circular "black eyeball". LOGO, the small box below is dark blue, and the logo of the three major operators is printed on the chassis. A dozen students in the class have completed their studies. They told reporters that the four boxes and two "dark circles" in the classroom were installed just last week, and it was unclear what they were used for. Just last week, however, a student from Huaiyin Institute of Technology posted on a community forum that the cell phone signal in his dorm was poor. At the time, some people were in the tuning class installing these little boxes. Experiment Small Box is Cell Phone Blocking Technology here's middle class self-taught, most commonly seen in fourth grade students. Most of them use mobile numbers. The data signal is very good, basically indicating that the situation is full.