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Does An Rf Cover Block Cell Phone Tracking

Pedic Sevda 2022/04/17

The person in charge also said that after a period of time, the school will close Does An Rf Cover Block Cell Phone Tracking after students are used to not using mobile phones in class. The Municipal Education Commission stated that the safety of mobile phone jammers is a personal act. "The installation of cell phone jammer is the school's own behavior, and the education authority has no specific regulations on this." The person in charge of the relevant department of the Municipal Education Commission said yesterday that whether electromagnetic radiation is harmful remains to be tested.

Nowadays, various signal jammers can be seen everywhere on the market, and everyone's understanding of Does An Rf Cover Block Cell Phone Tracking is uneven. What should we know about cell phone jammers? The first point: Everyone thinks that the higher the power of the mobile phone signal jammer, the better the shielding effect. In fact, this is not entirely true. Many manufacturers take advantage of the loopholes that inexperienced users cannot detect the actual power, and will deliberately exaggerate the openness of the shielding power, resulting in the nominal power index of the device and affecting its reference value.