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Microwave Homemade Cell Phone Jammer

sogge nick 2021-07-28

I usually don't use this cell phone jammer. What do these electronic products do? The deputy director of the Contemporary Education Technology Center said that he will use this Microwave Homemade Cell Phone Jammer to build a standardization laboratory. According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education, if you want to be a test center for the postgraduate entrance examination, you need a standardized laboratory. Surveillance cameras and radio shielding jammers are standardized test room equipment. cell phone jammer Maintain a fair environment to ensure that the test runs smoothly and safely.

The virtual world is full of temptations and misinformation. Such information is harmful to the growth of children and may harm their physical and mental health. If minors are overly addicted to mobile games and are trapped in this world for a long time, it may affect the development of social and interpersonal relationships in the future. Some teenagers like to play mobile games. They are in a period of ignorance, and their sense of security is not enough. Parents must be vigilant. Tongdu is installing the Microwave Homemade Cell Phone Jammer plan at home to protect mobile phones and Wi-Fi signals. This has great benefits.