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Device To Block Cell Phone Usage

Chen Jerry 2022-02-16

Now, our mobile phones are connected to the base station through the uplink frequency, and then the signal is transmitted to the mobile commerce switching center to complete the call. In the standby state, the mobile phone is connected to the base station through the broadcast control channel. Once there is a need for a call, it first asks the base station for instructions, and assigns it to the mobile phone service channel according to the specific conditions of the near-terminal channel, so that the mobile phone jumps to the service channel for calls and data transmission. At the same time, 4g wireless communication must ensure a sufficient signal-to-noise ratio in order to receive and complete the communication effectively. According to the above principles, we can conclude that 4g Device To Block Cell Phone Usage is generally composed of power supply, electronic scanning control unit, segmented radio frequency unit, amplifying unit, and transmitting antenna unit.

The signal generator generates a scanning signal. After passing through the inverter, the oscillator is modulated to the working frequency band of mobile communication, and then the power is amplified by the power amplifier and the voltage regulator tube controls the power, and the frequency-sweeping amplified signal is transmitted in the air through Device To Block Cell Phone Usage . When the mobile phone receives the message signal, due to the garbled interference caused by the frequency sweep signal (increase the ratio of the noise signal to the device threshold), the cell phone jammer cannot receive the normal 4g data sent by the base station, so it cannot connect with the base station normally, resulting in the mobile phone Separate from the base station communication network. The mobile phone shows that the search network has no signal, no service system, etc., to achieve the blocking effect.