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Jammer to prevent monitoring equipment

Perfectjammer 2020-07-29

gps jammer

We have all kinds of mobile spy equipment in our lives. More and more people are used to looking at us, so we need a wireless mobile phone locker. In some cases, such electronic spy equipment can bring us danger. Among them, the most dangerous equipment is cordless telephone equipment. They are located in shopping malls, streets, supermarkets, bus stations, hospitals, restaurants, cinemas, libraries and other public places. Some of them may have been vetted to collect our information, which would put us in a dangerous situation.

For example, when we talk about a very important business contract, even when we talk about trade secrets, others may hear it. In order to get us out of danger and live a safer life, we developed cell phone jammers. After opening it, you don't have to worry about listening to more and more sounds. Of course, there will be a lot of interference in our product list. To learn more, it's best to look at some examples.

First of all, we have a new product in 2017: frequency portable jammer 3G high-power GSM WiFi LTE4G military all mobile phone signal signals. It transmits on three main frequencies: GSM WiFi signal. In the event of signal congestion, it will provide security with a radius of about 15 meters. Once closed, all wireless network activity will automatically resume. It also has other 3G and LTE4G blocking functions that can block signal isolation: GSM1800 (1805-1880 MHz), 3G (2110-2170 MHz) and WiFi 2.4Ghz (2400-2500MHz). It has a compact size that can be manually maintained. It is suitable for power grids or batteries. If you are looking for 3G 3G 3G LTE4G mobile blocker, this is your best choice.

Second, we have wifi jammer CDMA DCS PCS GSM 3G 4G. These portable sunscreens are relatively small and easy to use. Once activated, it will disable any phone, wireless LAN and WiFi within 20 meters. Interference signal frequency range CDMA / GSM (850-960MHz), DCS / PCS (1805-1880MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz), GPS (1570-1610MHz), wireless network (2400-2485 MHz) LOJACK (168-178MHZ) ) 4GLTE (2620-2690MHZ 2300-2400MHZ gold) and 4G (790-862 720-790MHZ gold), covering all the mentioned mobile phones.

In addition to two kinds of gps inhibitors, we also provide 15W power jammers 3G 4G CDMA GSM PHS WIFI signal. For more information, please visit our website, we have prepared many wireless video jammers for customers from all over the world. If you need such a jammer, just check our telephone encoder product list, you can easily find the best product for your phone.

Analysis of different types of jammers GPS jammers are electronic devices designed to avoid GPS signals