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France decided to use gsm jammer in cinemas

Perfectjammer 2018-01-16

Usa a jammer in cinemaAudiences watching movies while calling phenomenon will not soon appeared in France, officials say, industry minister has approved a decision, the decision will allow cinemas, concert halls, theaters and other places to install mobile phone jammer, condition that emergency services telephone remained open. The move largely protects public order. It also guarantees other customers' movie-watching experience

According to a statement from the ministry of industry and industry, the ministry of industry and industry, the ministry of industry and industry, said on Friday that it supported the decision of the telecommunications regulatory authorities to allow the installation of mobile phone jammer in cinemas. The minister noted, however, that emergency telephone service and calls to play outside theatres and other venues should not be affected.

The President of the national federation of cinemas in France said the measure was a response to a "longstanding call" for cinemas across the country. He told French radio that cinemas had invested heavily in improving the comfort of the cinema. "the decision to approve the phone jammer will be a cherry on the cake," he said.

Next to basketball, the one thing that makes me happier than a pig in mud is being able to see a movie in a theater, with an audience, and a giant bucket of popcorn pressed between my legs (enjoy that metaphor). It’s the rare hour and a half I get to escape from the real world, and immerse myself in someone else’s fantasy. It keeps me focused in the director’s world that they’ve created, and forces me to shut down technology without having any urges to hit the pause button to check an e-mail. I AM FOCUSED; that is until someone else gives into their urges and pops on their cell phone…

Using a cell phone in a theater is a disturbance; just like a drunk fan at a sporting event is a disturbance. On the back of tickets it states that the venue has the right to refuse the admittance to any guest and can eject them without a refund. By accepting the ticket, it’s a contract between the ticket seller and the buyer.

Japan allows public places such as theaters and concert halls to install jammers, provided they obtain a government-issued license. And last week, France's industry minister approved a decision to let cinemas, concert halls and theaters install them - as long as provisions are in place so emergency calls can still be made. This will largely protect the order of the movie theater, so that everyone has a better environment.

In Mexico, the main clients have been banks looking to stop would-be robbers from communicating with their accomplices and the Mexican government, which is planning to use them at prisons, Haim said.

There are devices which will interfere with the phone signal, in essence pretending to be a base station while not being one. The problem with that is that it disables emergency calls. In theory, you could implement something which switched phones to "manner mode" when they were in a location where calling was not allowed (since the operator always knows where the phones are). But nobody has suggested this either as a product or a standard, evne though it would not be particularly difficult. Perhaps beacuse the ones who would have to pay for it would be the cinema owners, restaurateurs

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