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Andreas Loibl 2021-12-30

The unified national examination for adult college admissions begins today, and a total of 48,478 people from Gansu Province will compete in this examination. What is different from the past is that all examination rooms in Gansu Province for the adult college entrance examination have used Cell Phone Radio Wave Blocker for the first time in order to prevent high-tech cheating; in addition, the first course on the first day of the exam, candidates must enter the venue in advance to receive answering training. The most prominent feature of the adult college entrance examination this year is to strengthen the supervision of the examination style and discipline. A total of 1,724 examination rooms in the province are all equipped with cell phone jammer to prevent examinees from using modern means to cheat. The Provincial Recruitment Office emphasized that candidates are strictly forbidden to enter the venue for the test and bring various communication tools, and they can leave the test center after the test. For candidates who violate the rules and disciplines, as long as the disciplinary evidence is conclusive and there are two invigilators at the same time, they can be punished in accordance with relevant regulations. In addition, the Provincial Recruitment Office reminds citizens that during the test period today and tomorrow, due to the use of mobile phone jammers in the test room, there is no signal from the mobile phone within 50 meters of the test room. Please forgive me.

The Recruitment Office of Gansu Province reminds candidates that, starting from this year, the first course on the first day of the exam will start at 9 am, and candidates are required to arrive at the exam room before 8:45 to receive the training of the invigilator's answer sheet, and guide the candidates to fill in correctly. Tu, standardize the answer sheet. At the same time, during the test period, the admissions department will work with the public security and communications management departments to increase the monitoring of fake test questions sold online, and take effective measures to combat various admissions fraud activities. During the test period, Nanchang City prohibits all mechanical operations, road excavation, and pipeline erection that affect the test; it is forbidden to set off firecrackers and play loud sounds in entertainment venues, audiovisual stores, and supermarkets around the test site. At the same time, candidates and invigilators are prohibited from bathing and swimming in rivers and lakes during the college entrance examination. It is understood that this year, Nanchang City will continue to implement cross-invigilation. Examination rooms for both arts and sciences will be assigned additional test style supervisors from other counties according to the proportion, especially for Jiangxi Province’s college entrance examination this year. Candidates set up separate examination room regulations. It is reported that Jiangxi Province will use Cell Phone Radio Wave Blocker in the general college entrance examination examination room for the first time this year.