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Cell Phone Jammer Mini Project Circuit

Saley Barbara 2021-09-12

Friends with cars should know that when you go to a gas station to refuel, you are not allowed to make a phone call, because when the mobile phone battery is activated, it can generate enough energy to cause a slight spark, which may cause a fire. Petroleum, chemical, security and other related departments have banned the use of mobile phones in gas stations. A few days ago, a man at a gas station in Myanmar used a cell phone to talk, causing an explosion and fire. The explosion directly caused a brick house, 50 gallons of diesel fuel and 7 car tires to burn, and the caller died from serious injuries... There have been many fires caused by the use of mobile phones across the country, which has caused many concerns. Relevant departments have recommended the use of Cell Phone Jammer Mini Project Circuit in gas stations within their jurisdiction. cell phone jammer Sinopec and PetroChina have taken the lead in using mobile phone signal jammers at gas stations in some areas.

Each city and department can use Cell Phone Jammer Mini Project Circuit according to their actual situation. The effective shielding range varies in different places of use, and the shielding range of different types of mobile phones in the same place is not necessarily the same. Therefore, the installation and use management of mobile phone signal jammers require the relevant functional departments to attach great importance to ensuring the safe use of mobile phone signal shielding equipment to meet their own needs without affecting the normal use of public mobile communications. The mobile phone signal shielding system is a professional modern communication signal shielding technology, especially in the special environment of prisons and detention centers. It puts forward higher requirements on the mobile phone signal shielding technology. Mobile phone signals may vary greatly at different times. Detention centers and prisons are generally designed according to the highest signal requirements and with this power redundancy. They are competent for high-reliability and confidential occasions to ensure stable and effective shielding effects. Such shielding requirements It is strictly shielded, and it runs continuously for 24 hours a year. For such high-demand special occasions, the purpose of establishing a high-quality mobile phone signal shielding system is to ensure safety and development.