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Cell Phone Jammer Illegal School

Rovman Asaf 2021-07-25

The mobile phone jammer transmits the signal of the same frequency as the mobile phone, and the power is large enough to cause the two signals to collide and cancel each other. Since the mobile phone will automatically increase its power when it encounters minor interference, Cell Phone Jammer Illegal School must be able to recognize the increase in the power of the mobile phone and increase its power accordingly. The phone is a full-duplex device, which means it uses two independent frequencies for voice and listening. Some jammers only shield one frequency, but they also have the effect of shielding two frequencies at the same time. cell phone jammer Since the mobile phone can only receive one frequency at this time, it will be mistaken for the mobile phone to have no service.

To ensure national security and social stability, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Office of Comprehensive Management of Public Security, and the General Administration of Customs have recently joined forces to strengthen the management and rectification of illegal production and sales. , Install satellite TV receiving facilities, promote comprehensive management and joint law enforcement. Dedicated deployment. The radio and television departments at all levels require that in accordance with the spirit of the "Working Conference on Strengthening the Illegal Production, Sales and Installation of Satellite Reception Facilities", strengthen the investigation and punishment of illegal use of satellite antennas. However, the phenomenon of illegal sales and installation of satellite TV receiving facilities continued to spread and intensified after repeated prohibitions. Directly disrupt the normal operating order of cable TV, leading to a decline in the rate of cable TV households across the country. In response to this phenomenon and situation, our company has developed Cell Phone Jammer Illegal School to make the satellite receiving antenna in a certain area lose its receiving ability. In order to prohibit illegal reception and use of satellite antennas.