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Make Cell Phone Jammer Raspberry Pi

Anim Kevin 2021-07-23

Mobile phones are everywhere now. According to data from the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, in October 2005, approximately 195 million people in the United States used mobile phones. In Europe, mobile phones are everywhere. It's great to be able to call people anytime. Unfortunately, restaurants, movie theaters, concert halls, shopping centers and churches are plagued by mobile phones, because not all mobile phone users know when to keep quiet. The speaker and his friends chatted some private topics on their phones. Everyone next to them must share such private conversations. Who hasn't experienced it? Make Cell Phone Jammer Raspberry PiPrevent such noisy displays. Although most people can only complain and give up, some people go to extremes and retaliate. cell phone jammer Its appearance makes the whole market become quiet and quiet.

Since mobile phones are usually small in size and convenient to carry, it is impractical to scan candidates on a large area before the exam to prevent them from using their mobile phones to seek help from better technical departments. Because university teaching buildings are usually large, the use of large-scale mobile phone signal interference equipment usually requires coordination with the local radio management committee. Coordination is inconvenient, and the comprehensive use cost is high. The plug-and-play small range used in the classroom Make Cell Phone Jammer Raspberry Pi is welcomed by colleges and universities because of its convenient use and storage. The lifespan of mobile phone jammers depends entirely on the innovation of mobile phone technology. Generally, interference devices are backward compatible, but due to the leapfrog development of my country's mobile phone industry in recent years, it only took about 5 years to go from 3C to 4G. These 3C mobile phone signal jammers have little effect in the face of the increasingly popular 4G mobile phones. It quickly became a display. To make matters worse, the 5C era has begun, and 4G jammers have not yet become widespread.