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Block Spying On My Cell Phone

Holder Card 2022-01-10

First of all, cheating candidates lack basic common sense, touch the red line of the college entrance examination, and ignore the discipline of the college entrance examination. On the one hand, the questions and answers of the college entrance examination belong to the highest level of state secrets before the start of the test, and the most rigorous production and escort processes are configured. Unless the questions are leaked before the test, it is impossible to find the answers online before the end of the test. The cheating candidates took pictures of the questions with their mobile phones and sent them to the "Xiao Yuan Sou Question" APP, trying to get the answer, but they were reported by the staff in the background of the detection, indicating that the candidates lacked the most basic common sense of the college entrance examination, and lacked understanding of laws and regulations. On the other hand, before the test, the relevant staff of the college entrance examination will repeatedly emphasize the discipline of the test. Violation of discipline and cheating are absolute red lines for the college entrance examination, which cannot be violated. Just in case, we also used Block Spying On My Cell Phone, cell phone jammer to prevent the transmission of signals. The examinee held a fluke mentality, knew that he could not do it, and should also pay the corresponding price for his behavior.

Secondly, the invigilators of the examinations have dereliction of duty during the entrance security check and examination room invigilators. During the investigation, the Ministry of Education found that the cheating candidates hid their mobile phones in the thin clothes they were holding, avoided the security check with their hands high, and brought their mobile phones into the examination room illegally. In this process, the invigilators made omissions in the security check at the entrance, and the inspection was not careful enough, which directly led to the emergence of this "fish that slipped through the net". During invigilation in the examination room, if candidates use their mobile phones to take pictures to search for questions, they must hold their mobile phones high, and the invigilators have not found out, indicating that the invigilation work of the college entrance examination needs to be improved, the strength of the college entrance examination invigilation still needs to be strengthened, and the style and discipline of the college entrance examination still needs to be rectified. Finally, there is a security loophole in the Block Spying On My Cell Phone equipment in the test room, and the mobile phone jammer needs to be updated. Even if the cheating candidate successfully brought the mobile phone into the examination room due to the omission of the invigilator, how did he avoid the signal jammer and successfully connect to the Internet? In response to the incident, the Education Bureau stated that the candidate could use his mobile phone to fax the question due to a loophole in the 5G signal shielding. Now, with the advent of the 5G era, not only the network communication signal has improved to a higher level, but the electronic equipment related to the college entrance examination also needs to keep up with the development of the times in order to plug the security loopholes in the examination.