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Jank Matio 2022/3/31

The police investigation found that the man was the "skinny" in the previous case. The stolen bag contained 20,000 yuan in cash and a Roger Dubuis watch worth 300,000 yuan. "Skinny" appeared again. Where is he hiding? After careful investigation, on February 1, the destination of the "skinny" was initially determined - the high-end community of Xinguang Road. The next night, when the police came to the community to take control, they learned that the "skinny" family had arrived in the building. "After being arrested, he confessed to us that he happened to pass by the gate of the community that day and heard that the police were inquiring about his situation. I was found and immediately packed up and moved out of the community," the police said. He moved to Zizhu North Street, one kilometer away, and hid in a day-rental house with only one bed. There are many Block Spam On Verizon Cell Phone devices in the room. But he didn't expect that the police would catch up to the door one day. He pretended to be aggrieved and said repeatedly, "I haven't done anything bad, I've never done anything bad." But when the police noticed the watch on his wrist, his hand jerked into his sleeve. "Frankly explain, who is this?" the policeman asked, pointing to his wrist.

He didn't dare to speak, lowered his head, froze for a moment, and lowered his hands weakly. It turned out to be a stolen Roger Dubuis watch. Police said the "thin man" was from Liangshan. He is 32 years old. Since last year, he used cell phone jammer to wait for a period of time and committed four thefts with a total value of between 600,000 and 700,000 yuan. Classroom layout is a way of presenting the culture of the class. A clean, warm and beautiful classroom will make children quickly find a sense of belonging at home. Therefore, the arranged classroom is the first school gift for children, which can bring the joy of starting school and the motivation to learn. Colorful balloons, festive drapes, tassels and flags...these are simple materials that are easy to work with. Just a simple swing can change the boring style of the classroom, make the classroom full of the atmosphere of the new semester, and let the children feel the joy of participating. The next unforgettable memories of the beginning of school, of course, in preparation for this event, we also prepared Block Spam On Verizon Cell Phone to prevent some discordant voices during the event.