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Cell Phone Code To Block Number

Temper Dominik 2022-02-05

In the same room, the cell phone signal can vary greatly from place to place and from time to time. According to practical experience, it can reach about 10dBm, and the conversion success rate differs by 10 times. It can be seen that Cell Phone Code To Block Number is actually a project with high technical requirements, which cannot be solved simply by purchasing cell phone jammer and installing it yourself. Site investigation, power calculation, construction design, and equipment debugging are all complementary and inseparable. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the field of communications, with independent development, production and market development capabilities. It is currently the largest manufacturer in the country. With advanced technology, good reputation and perfect after-sales service, it is deeply trusted by users. The products are mainly used in examination rooms, schools, libraries, prisons, courts, meeting places, theaters, churches and other places that require confidentiality, anti-cheating, quietness and anti-interference.

This means that all smuggled mobile phones in the facility will be quickly identified. Also, it is relatively easy to list allowed phones (owned by security personnel, office personnel, etc.) and transfer calls from these devices to the communication network. Alternatively, you need to ask the guard why you need to call during work. Cell Phone Code To Block Number The effective shielding range of the device depends on the location of use. This is closely related to the strength of the signal field. The mobile phones of different systems within the shielding range of the same site are not necessarily the same. The factors that affect the shielding range include the distance from the base station, the direction, obstacles, the material of the building wall, the height of the mobile phone jammer, the installation specification, etc., which are not limited.