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Cell Phone In Sand Signal Blocker

Zagar Jaka 2022/3/30

According to reports, the function of the Cell Phone In Sand Signal Blocker is to block the mobile phone signals brought into the examination room by candidates, so that they cannot make calls or send text messages. The mobile phone jammer has low power and narrow shielding range. It is only effective in the examination room, and will not affect the candidates or the lives of people around the examination room. "According to the recommendation of Lishui City Admissions Office, cell phone jammer is used in 5 high school entrance examination centers and 71 examination rooms in Suichang County this year. The purpose is to create fair and just competition opportunities for the majority of candidates, purify the examination room environment, and prevent and combat organized, Premeditated 'gang cheating' and the use of modern communication tools to cheat and other serious frauds." The relevant person in charge of the county admissions office said.

Nowadays, smartphones have long become a necessity in personal life, and there are not a few people in the student party who own mobile phones. How to control students' use of mobile phones, how to create a balance between learning and entertainment... It seems that parents and schools have always faced difficult problems. The Yinhu Experimental School in Fuyang District, Hangzhou has adopted a "new plan": Cell Phone In Sand Signal Blocker Installed on the campus, and turn it on regularly every night to prevent students from playing mobile phones at night.