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Rogers Cell Phone Call Display Block

Jerace Scott 2021-10-26

It is understood that cheating in the driving test is concentrated in the subject one theoretical knowledge test and subject three safe and civilized driving common sense test. Due to inadequate preparation, some candidates cheat by taking notes, looking through their phones, taking exams, forging files, and hiding high-definition micro-camera equipment. Prior to this, the Vehicle Administration Examination Center specially set up six anti-cheating checkpoints, installed metal detection doors at the entrance and exit of the computer examination floor, opened Rogers Cell Phone Call Display Block , arranged for staff to hold the detection instrument to conduct manual inspection, and carefully checked the examinee’s file information before starting the test. During the examination, strict precautions were taken through video surveillance and patrolling by invigilators, and good results were received. A total of 79 cheating candidates have been found since last year. cell phone jammer

200 pieces of "examination-specific clothing" are put into use, and each examinee must wear the top to enter the examination room. Since the test clothes do not have a placket, the test takers can hide the Rogers Cell Phone Call Display Block equipment that may be hidden in the buttons, pockets, etc. of the original clothes after wearing them. Even if the examinee's cheating methods are superb, in the face of this layer of fabric coverage, no matter how high-end camera equipment is used. According to Meng Shengnan, an instructor of the Guigang Traffic Police Detachment, the test-specific clothing is of ordinary materials and low in price, but it has a great effect, ensuring the fairness, justice and strictness of the motor vehicle driving license test.