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Block Numbers On Cricket Cell Phone Affects Other Frequency Bands

Perfectjammer 2022/05/10

Block Numbers On Cricket Cell Phone

First, it can block not only 5G LTE and 5G Wimax signals, but also CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G and 4G signals. This is the perfect and powerful cell phone jammer unit right now. Second, you can choose which bands to block. If you don't want to block one or two bands, you can turn them off and leave the others on. At the same time, Block Numbers On Cricket Cell Phone can still interfere with signals in other frequency bands.

Chutian Metropolis Daily, June 4th, after the test paper arrives at the test room, how to ensure safety? Block Numbers On Cricket Cell Phone Can I "block" cell phone signals? On the 7th, the 2018 college entrance examination is about to start. The Metropolis Daily reporter visited Wuhan No. 6 Middle School, one of the 53 college entrance examination centers in Wuhan, to reveal the mystery of the "standardized examination room" for candidates. "This year's college entrance examination, there were 54,379 candidates in Wuhan, an increase of 2,175 over last year, and a strict examination policy was implemented." Feng Nong, director of the Wuhan Admissions Office, said that each examination room is equipped with a metal detector and a special clock for the examination room. Wuhan City will also install "electronic eyes" on high-level test paper transport vehicles to realize mobile monitoring of the whole process of test paper transportation from the secret room to the test room.

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