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Portable Wireless Eavesdropping Detector Hidden Cell Phone Signal Detector


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Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model H-007 Pro
Detecting Frequency Range 20-5000MHZ
Detecting Sensitivity -70dBm
Dnamic range 70 dB
Cellphone Locking range up to 10M. still determined by local signal stregnth
Cellphone locker frequency bands CSM 900/CDMA 850/CSM 1800&1900/3G 2100
Work Mode 6 types of Modes
Device weight 5.11 oz
( 145g)
Dimensions 5.11×3.14×0.98 inch
( 130 x 80 x 25 mm )
Packing List: 1 * Devicer, 1 * AC charger, 1 * Battery, 1 * Headset volume adjustable

Product Informations

As the technology of wireless tapping develops, the performance of wireless RF signal detector is also being promoted. Wireless tapping devices become increasing difficult to be detected du to their small size, low emitting power, complicated modulation, wide range ,high speed, remote controllability and conceal ability. Wireless RF signal Detector is to send the audio or video signal through electomagnetic waves. It is designed to detect and locate the position of the hidden wireless tapping devices.
H-007 Pro bug detector is a combiner of precision, handheld wireless sniffer used to detect the RF Signals and concisely determine the location of the working tapping can detect 20 to 5000MHz and sensitvity can be adjusted in the range of 60dB, 1dB step.Interference range up to 10 meters,it can detect 20 to 5000MHz and sensitvity can be adjusted in the range of 60dB, 1dB step.Interference range up to 10 meters,it can interference frequency CSM 900/CDMA 850/CSM 1800&1900/3G 2100 etc.

Advantage and Feature:

1.High precisely to locate the wireless signal source.

2.Working with selectable six types of working modes. ( Silent Mode, Sound Mode,Vibration Mode, Cellphone Locking Mode, Acoustic Mode, Guard Mode )

3.Locking all the phones calling in or calling out or sending SMS.

4.Headphone port design to make the detection in any kind of environment volume adjustable as required.,

5.Highly portale and light weight of 145g.

6.With Internal built Li battery last working 1 hour. Easy to change the battery charging while working.

Complete set:

Device, Battery, AC adapter, Headset volume adjustable.


1.When you are detecting the signal source, please try to move the device slowly and make the machine in a same level. If the device is more closer to the targeted object, the signals bars are to be increased more.

2.This device will be responded to any RF equipment.Please regulate the sensitivity of the device to avoid some wrong detecting and Locating the targeted objects. The detecting sensitivity is still determined by the signal strength.

3.To make an efetive detecting ,please try to increase or decrease the senstitity according to the local signal environment to make sure the enviroment db is within the dynamic range.

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