This kind of jamming device can be used in libraries, conference rooms, education institutions, and other places

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GSM is the basic network frequency band for mobile phone voice communication and short message service. As we all know, the improper use of mobile phones is very serious, and the use of mobile phones in public places will bring a lot of noise to others. When you are disturbed while reading or relax quietly, does someone suddenly yell out? I agree. When we need to be quiet, we don't want to be disturbed.

GSM network bandwidth is very important for the use of electronic equipment. Therefore, in many places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, signal jammer devices that interfere with the basic communications of mobile phones have been installed.

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To purchase a Signal Disruptor, in addition to the gsm network, you also need to shield the signal type, such as whether you need to shield the 3G and 4G network bandwidth. In this way, you can buy a cell phone blocker that can block all cell phone signals. In addition, I bought an electronic jamming device, so I need to consider where to use it. Portable jammers can be easily used indoors and outdoors, desktop jammers use a variety of antenna designs. As the name implies, it will not only be widely used by individuals, but also by large-scale places such as prisons and courts. It has a wider interference range and more signal shielding types.

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This is a professional portable portablemobile phone jammer for mobile phones 3G 4GLTE / WIMAX Wi-Fi 2.4G / 5G GPS LOJACK UHF VHF signal jammer currently on the market, built-in battery can work for 1.5 hours. It can also be customized fordrone jammer models with 4-6 antennas, which gives us strong interference capabilities and can defend 100% drone drones

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