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8-Band Desktop Mobile Phone Jammer DCS/PHS WIFI CDMA/GSM GPS 3G 4G Blockers


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Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model 8341-D8
Frequency Band CDMA/GSM:870-960MHz
GPS/Custom Made:1560-1580MHz
WIFI/Custom Made:2400-2500MHz
product weight 4.3KG
Product Size 320mm*W240mm*H60mm
Package list main shielding device *1, power cord *1, power adapter *1, remote control *1, antenna *8

Product Informations

8341-D8 enhanced signal shielding device, unique customized high gain antenna, high efficiency management chip shielding only shields effective signal reception, this machine high gain antenna coverage, can be 10-30 meters (depending on the base station signal strength) The shielding range is shielded against the operator’s dual-mode 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, WIFI and other signals, so that all communications within the shielding range are completely disconnected from the outside world; the communication network is reflected as no network or no signal, no service . With the development of science and technology, the leakage of mobile information, telephone detonation bombs, serious areas, etc. have caused social harm; due to the continuous enhancement of the coverage of the current signal, the shielding effect of the shielding device is poor. This machine has been proved through many experiments. Reach the best distance; we use imported chips to improve efficiency and high-gain antennas to enhance coverage.

Scope of use: Government, military, conference rooms, classrooms, prisons, cinemas, courts, libraries, public security or command center confidential areas, etc.

1. Please pay attention to waterproof electronic products.
2. The equipment power supply is DC24-28V, and the recommended working voltage is DC24V. Make sure to use
Whether the user’s power system is within this range, exceeding the maximum voltage of the device may damage the device.
3. When the ambient temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature range, it is recommended to power off.

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