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Where to use GSM/3G jammers

GSM / 3G jammers have a very wide range of applications, many places need to use. But the most need to use the place should be educational institutions. Especially in primary and secondary schools. The main reason is that primary and middle school students have weak self-control and no resistance to mobile phones. They use mobile phones to play games every day, which not only affects their study, but also affects their eyesight. For now, using the GSM mobile phone signal blocker in schools is the best choice. Many teachers in the school like to use this kind of equipment

Why educational institutions need GSM Jamming Device?

Lots of students make calls, play games or send messages during lecture. This troubles the pattern of the teaching process. Still, most educators are unable to help in front of the rude and offensive use of mobiles in class. Luckily, the GSM/3G jammers is supporting teachers in promoting class management. The mobile phone jamming device is gaining lot of popularity.

In addition, cheating is a massive problem worldwide, especially for entrance exams for colleges, universities, professional training and the military.

India's northernmost state, Jammu and Kashmir, is tackling the problem of cheating by installing 800 cellphone jammers at testing centers statewide.

One recent high-visibility case illustrates the problem: A student in India named Wasim Ahmed at Nawab Shah engineering college was caught cheating. He kept a smartphone in his underwear with a microphone in his shirt and a Bluetooth receiver in his ear. He whispered the questions to a confederate on the phone, who gave him the answers.

A scandal erupted at Thailand's Rangsit University medical college when four students were caught cheating on entrance exams. Two of them wore glasses with built-in cameras, and three wore smartwatches. The glasses captured photos of the exam questions. On a break, the test-takers handed the glasses to someone who took them and sent the photos to confederates at an ad-hoc "command center" located elsewhere. The accomplices researched the questions and texted answers back to the test-takers, who could see the SMS messages on their smartwatches. The good news is that they were caught. (These aren't the kind of people you want controlling your general anesthesia during surgery.)

The problem of using Internet-connected devices to cheat is so bad that Iraq actually turns off much of the nation's Internet to prevent sixth graders from cheating.

Currently, all education institutions in Russia, China and Japan use such devices to prevent cheating. France is also introducing such equipment.

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