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New Handheld 28 Bands FM Radio Wi-Fi6E Wi-Fi2.4G Wi-Fi5G GPS LOJACK LORA UHF VHF 433 315 868 CDMA GSM 3G 4G 5G Cell Phone Signal Jammer, Battery capacity LCD Display


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Technical Specifications

Channel Output Port Frequency range Average out-putting power
1 VHF/LOJACK 135-175MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
2 5G600 617-698MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
3 5G3700 3600-3900MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
4 3G2100 2110-2180MHZ 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
5 RC-868 868MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
6 WIFI5.2G 802.11.a 5100-5500MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
7 4G2600 2620-2690MHZ 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
8 4G800 790-826MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
9 FM Radio 80-108MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
10 RC-433 433-434MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
11 4G700 700-803MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
12 GPSL1 1560-1610MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
13 LORA/RC915 900-930MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
14 4G2500 2500-2620MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
15 GPSL2L3L4L5 1170-1390MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
16 CDMA850 851-894MHZ 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
17 4G1700 1710-1780MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
18 WIFI 6E 802.11ax 5925–6425MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
19 RC-315 315MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
20 GSM900 925-960MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
21 DCS1800 1805-1920MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
22 WIFI2.4G 802.11.b &g 2400-2500MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
23 WIFI5.8G 802.11.a 5500-5900MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
24 5G3300/3500 3300-3600MHZ 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
25 UHF&CDMA450 400-470MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
26 5G1500 1427-1518MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
27 PCS1900 1920-2000MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
28 4G2300 2300-2400MHz 30±1dBm/ 1±0.2W
Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model N28 FM radio&Wi-Fi6E Jammer for Worldwide
Color Grey
Power supply adapter 50 to 60Hz AC (110-240V AC/12V DC)
Car Charger DC12V IN
Built-in battery continues working Around 80 minutes
Dimensions (length, width, height) 200x133x66mm (without antenna)
Length of antenna 166-195mm
Gain 2.0dbi
Packing size 295*260*125mm
Net weight 2.2kg
Gross weigh 3.0kg
Total power 28W
Shielding radius (2-25) meters, Still depends on the strength signal in given area
Warranty one year from delivery date

Product Informations

New unique 28 bands with 27 antennas all-in-one design wireless signal Jammer with nylon cover for portable, jamming all types of Android phones, Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, Win phones etc. that shield GSM, 3G, 4G 5G, and CDMA 450Mhz, Block GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Wi-Fi 2.4G, Wi-Fi 5G,Wi-Fi 6E, Walkie-Talkie UHF/VHF and RF signals like 315, 433, 868,915,LORA,LOJACK etc. Also is 88-108MHz FM radio breaker, Battery capacity LCD display (Capacity percentage, working Voltage/Current) is popular in 2024 and in years to come.

Basic Specifications:
Jam Signal Type:
A28: Full Bands Mobile Phone 5G/4G/3G/2G +WiFi2.4G/5G+ GPSL1-L5 UHF/VHF/LOJACK+RC433 315 868+LORA+FM Radio+ WiFi6E

Output Power:Total 28W,1W each band with 2dbi gains omni antennas
Jam Radius:2-25meters Still depends on the strength signal in given area
Power Supply:AC110-240V to DC12V
Cooling System:High efficiency aluminum alloy radiator, Build-in 3x cooling fan
Working Time:Built-in battery continues working: Around 80 minutes
Product Size:200x133x66mm (without antenna)
Product Weight: appr.3.0 kg
Package Contents:Jammer Host x 1, AC Charger x1, omni antenna x27, Car Charger x1, Nylon cover x1.

◆ Install steps:
1. Please charge battery at least 8 hours before first-time use.
⚫ Turn off power switch before charging. Charging indicator shall lights on RED when charging the battery, the indicator will turn to GREEN color while finished.
⚫ Please install antennas and tight up according to the number indicator, the antennas are already connected and can be used directly (default )
2. Turn on the power switch and the Power LED shall light in Green and the LED of each band will turn on too.
3. Don’t suggest to use while charging, otherwise the charger or machine will be damaged,because temperature may too high about 75°C

◆ Each band could be chosen operating or not.
1. Find the dip switch on the side of the device.The number indicators are corresponding to the number of antennas, LED turns on which indicate operating.
2. 28 arrows toward from OFF to ON (default), by dip switching ON →OFF, each band could be disable. 3. The corresponding LED indicator shall be turn off.
4. External higher gain antennas.

1. Do not power on if antennas are not connected one by one.
2. The functional coverage is greatly affected if antennas are not installed correctly. Do ensure the antennas are properly connected before usage.
3. When power on, keep away from computer, notebook PC, television, audio and AM/FM radio to prevent interferences.
4. The normal operational temperature is about 45-60° C. If the temperature is higher than the above, turn off the power immediately and contact local agent for help.
5. Its functional coverage will depend on the location and strength of the ambient mobile phone base stations.
6. Placing the device on higher position for better coverage. 2 meters height is recommended.
7. The Ni-MH rechargeable battery has estimated 500 times recharge cycles. Please contact the local agent to replace battery if it is not rechargeable.
8. Safe case packing for option.

The world first 28 bands portable jammer with 27 antennas design, blocking FM radio and Wi-Fi 6E and all cell phone 5G 4G 3G 2G LORA LOJACK GPS Wi-Fi RF signals
28 watts high output power, Jamming range 2 to 25 meters (at-75dBm, depends on signal strength in given area)
Good cooling system with 3 cooling fans inside and bigger hot sink, Nylon cover for handheld
With DIP switch, can turn on/off any signal band without affect other bands
With car charger, 12V DC/AC power supply is also available
With built-in battery, can work 80 minutes, repeated charging
Battery capacity LCD display (Capacity percentage, working Voltage/Current)
Safe case packing and handheld for option

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