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What is the purpose of blocking GPS signals on mobile phones?


Cell Phone Signal Jammer

  In order to better prevent students from using mobile phones to transmit information, leak test papers, and cheat in exams, school exams are also used to prevent tutors from escorting exam papers in the middle of the current exam. Right now, I have entered junior high school in June and this year's college entrance examination. Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the college entrance examination will also be delayed by one month. In order to better ensure the quality of examination cards, many schools have already gradually prepared and established examination venues in advance. Right now, one of the most important things in preparing for the exam room in advance is to install . However, it is not possible for anyone to install a mobile phone signal jammer. So, what must be paid attention to in the process of installing the 88 ? In fact, the installation itself will be very simple, but after some small attitudes in the previous installation determine how the mobile phone signal jammer will work afterwards. For example, the natural environment around the site is also installed at a relative height.

  In order to know what the function of blocking mobile phone signals is, let's first understand how mobile communication works. As a mobile communication device, a mobile phone needs to establish a connection with a nearby base station first, and then access the core network to find a communication destination. In the above process, all information is carried and transmitted by electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic wave frequency band used by the mobile phone is related to the standard and operator of the mobile phone. But in general, the electromagnetic wave frequency bands used by the three operators are distributed in the 850-4900MHz range. If the organizer of the college entrance examination wants to block the mobile phone signals in the examination room, it is impossible for the 2G/3G/4G/5G base stations near the examination room to not work, otherwise all the communication equipment in this area will not be able to communicate normally. That's the only way to block cell phone signals in the exam room. When it comes to shielding mobile phone signals, the first thing that comes to mind must be , that is, placing the mobile phone in a closed metal box to block the propagation of electromagnetic waves through metal. However, it is obviously not practical to make all the classrooms of the examination room into metal-enclosed classrooms. then what should we do? It is very simple, only a small 88 can block all mobile phone signals in the examination room.

The 2022 college entrance examination will start in less than 2 months

   In order to prevent candidates from cheating through mobile phones and other technological means, the school will use the examination room . In order to block the 5G mobile phone signals that are commonly used now, the school is purchasing a new examination room. When using a signal shielding device, you will always choose a mobile phone signal shielding device that can shield 5G signals. How much does this signal shielding device cost? At present, the GPS jammers on the market that can block 5G mobile phone signals are all-band signal GPS jammers. Due to the addition of the 5G frequency band, both the technical cost and the material cost have increased, so the price is higher than that of the traditional mobile phone signal GPS jammers in the examination room. It is said that there is a slight improvement. After all, the frequency band of 5G signals is in the range of 3000-5000 MHz. To completely block this frequency band, the technical difficulty has increased a lot. But don't worry too much. For professional test room signal jammer manufacturers, it is not too difficult to increase the 5G frequency band, so it is also acceptable in terms of the price of mobile phone jammers.

  At work, many employees use mobile phones for a long time, which not only affects the work efficiency, but also affects the work of others to a certain extent, and the integrity reduces work efficiency. Some people feel the need to install mobile in the office. In order to improve the productivity of employees, some people ask employees not to use mobile phones. We strictly follow this rule. But it didn't work. Many people chat online on their smartphones. A cell phone jammer will help with this. Use this product to make it impossible for staff to shop and play online. It turns off all signals. This product has a wide range of applications. Depending on the designated signal strength area, it can be as close as 40 meters. If you don't want to affect other areas, you can use this tunable to adjust the mask radius. Wifi shielding is perfect for office use, you can adjust the shielding radius, you can choose the right workplace, just to interfere with what you want, it won't affect anyone else, so you can avoid being sued and causing harm to others Economic losses.

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