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Can the mobile phone jammer not affect the normal operation of other signals?

Hello everyone! I want to know whether it is possible to block not only the signal of mobile phones or smartphones, but also the signals of other communication devices and wireless devices?

2021-04-15 at 10:30


Yes, it is possible. You will see that in addition to mobile phones and smart phones, our technologically advanced world has many different gadgets and communication devices. They are very different from each other, but they all have one thing in common: they use wireless signals to operate, no matter what frequency bands these signals have. As an example of my words, you can look at articles about T-Mobile Springboard and different docking stations for mobile devices. These are gadgets that are neither mobile phones nor smart phones, but mobile communication devices that use different frequency bands in daily operations. In order to completely block all kinds of electronic devices, cool gadgets and all their signals, you can use a mobile cell phone jammer to adapt to any taste!

The working method of the 5g mobile phone signal blocker is to send out a specific western interference signal to interrupt the link between the mobile phone and the base station, so as to complete the purpose of blocking the mobile phone signal. The interference output power issued by the 5g mobile phone signal jammer is certain, and the shielded radius of the unobstructed indoor space is determined by the passing time and the received signal pulse signal of the base station. For interference, be sure to ensure that the signal field strength from the mobile phone jammer fights against the field strength of the mobile signal in the interference area. The closer the interference address is to the base station, the stronger the field strength, and the smaller the reasonable interference area. On the contrary, the interference address is closer to the base station. The farther away, the weaker the field strength and the larger the reasonable interference area.