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Consider whether gps signal jammer can work long time

Perfectjammer 2022/10/11

  The annual college entrance examination is a method for testing the knowledge level of candidates. Passing the college entrance examination can effectively test students' learning achievements and learning ability for one year. In order to prevent unfairness in the test results, the invigilator of the examination room must make strong disciplinary constraints. In order to prevent any cheating, Not only do supervisors and invigilators need to be specially set up, but also other electromagnetic interference/equipment should be installed to assist invigilators, otherwise students who cheat will have to bear legal and criminal responsibilities. In fact, there are already a lot of invigilation equipment installed in the examination room, such as surveillance cameras, security gates, signal detection instruments. The most effective one is the examination room signal jammer. 88 can quickly block the signals of all electronic products in the test room, preventing candidates from cheating by using high-tech electronic products such as mobile phones.

Cell Phone Blocker

  The occurrence of has a certain inhibitory effect on the increasingly serious "mobile phone noise pollution". However, as a mobile communication technology affects machinery and equipment, whether the electromagnetic wave radiation caused by it will cause harm to physical health has also become a topic that everyone attaches importance to. At the same time, during the whole process of installation and application of 88 machines and equipment, because the number of installations, signal strength, covering method, radiation source manipulation and other fields also have great subjectivity and randomness, some sites are in pursuit of reasonable influence and shielding the actual The effect is to maximize profits, and even blindly follow the trend to introduce high-power mobile phones to affect the application of shielding installation equipment. The disturbance and damage that this provides to the body has to be anxiety-provoking.

  If you want to get high quality for indoor or outdoor use, you can go to the online store to choose carefully. You can also get more instructions and more specific knowledge about cell phone GPS jammers by clicking on the reliable website, which will definitely help you to get into the depth of the cell phone jammer section. In order to give you and your family a safe and peaceful life, a cell phone blocker is of course a good helper. The working principle of mobile communication is that within a certain frequency range, wireless devices and base stations communicate through radio waves to complete data and sound transmission with a certain baud rate and modulation method. When the mobile phone communicates, it contacts the base station through the uplink frequency, and then transfers the signal to the mobile service switching center to realize the call. In the standby state, the mobile phone communicates with the base station through the broadcast control channel. Once there is a need for a call, the mobile phone will first be assigned to the mobile phone business channel according to the specific conditions of the channel near the terminal, so that the mobile phone can jump to the business channel to realize the call and data transmission. . At the same time, wireless communication must ensure sufficient signal-to-noise ratio to effectively receive and complete the communication.

  At present, more and more places need to use For example, anti-cheating is used in school examination rooms, anti-play games are installed in student dormitories, company toilets are installed to prevent employees from playing mobile phones, prison detention centers, drug control centers and other places are in order to prevent criminals from transmitting important information transactions with the outside world through mobile phones Wait. The cell phone signal jammers gps installed and used in these places basically need to work for a long time. How can the cell phone signal jammers gps be used for a long time to ensure the shielding effect? We need to consider whether the cell phone signal jammer can work for a long time from the aspects of cell phone jammer shell, heat dissipation, chip durability, etc. The stability of performance depends on the chip and shell. If the cell phone jammer is designed with an aluminum alloy shell, it can be more effective. To help heat dissipation, if there is a radiator and a silent fan for forced convection heat dissipation, it can help the mobile phone shield to work for a longer time. The chip also determines the working performance of the signal jammer. If the quality of the chip is not good enough, no matter how good the heat dissipation performance is, it cannot prolong the working time of the mobile phone signal jammer.