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Suspect you are being followed, keep calm and take action?

Pode Visar 2022/08/29

  If you suspect that you are being followed, you may need to take some steps to get the other person to stop tracking you. You can avoid places where there is no light, and you can change your behavior to confuse those who follow you. You can also try breaking your sight to confuse your followers.

Suspect you are being followed, keep calm and take action

  Keep it cool

  When you suspect that you may be being stalked or watched without your knowledge, it is crucial to remain calm. While you may feel paranoid, your suspicions may be based on valid evidence. You can start by taking a deep breath and assessing the situation. You can also try asking questions about the person or vehicle that makes you suspicious.

  Break sight

  When driving, the line of sight between you and your target is critical. Obstacles such as curves, hills, woodland or large trucks can block your view. If you see an object blocking your view, you must slow down or move your position.

  Disguise your appearance

  If you think you're being spied on or followed without your knowledge, disguising your appearance can help hide your identity from prying eyes. Experts suggest taking new characters and creating a story behind them. This story will help you "get into character" and make the disguise look more natural. For example, you can change your music and attitude to make yourself appear different. Changing accents can also be helpful.

  If you think you're being spied on or followed without your knowledge, you can disguise your appearance in a number of different ways. Changing your clothes and hairstyle can help mask your identity. For example, if you have short hair, try a different look. Or, if you have long hair, dye it a different color. You can also use inexpensive talc to create gray streaks.

  A GPS jammers is a device that jams satellite signals to prevent tracking. The device's only legitimate use is to prevent tracking of company vehicles or stolen cars. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before buying. First, make sure the seller is reliable. Look for security seals on their website. A legitimate security seal is not a picture and should direct you to the certification page. Fraudulent sites use pictures instead. You should never enter your credit card details on websites that don't look legitimate. Another sign is price: if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  When buying a jammer, it's important to check the security seal on the website. Legitimate security seals aren't just pictures; when you click on them, they take you to an authentication page. Often, fraudulent websites use images in place of security seals, and you should not reveal any personal information, including credit card information. Also, be wary of pricing that looks too good to be true.

  You should only buy GPS jammers online if you are sure about the security features