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GPS WiFi Signal 17W Jammer

$999.14$475.64 Product Details

A very good cell phone jammer, I have compare with other seller, it is the cheapest , I received two device. To test the performance, I turned on the Mobile Data and Mobile Hotspot and the phone was still unable to receive any messages and my laptop was unable to detect the Hotspot once I put the phone back in the bag, the phone is right next to my computer. it does what it advertise. When I go to bed, no call or texting bother me any more when I am rest.

Review GPS WiFi Signal 17W Jammer

Date Added: 07/31/2020 by Edvins Mikhael

It works perfectly, but it's actually pretty good. There are cheap things in other stores, but I'm willing to spend a few dollars more for this.

Date Added: 05/24/2020 by Zojaji Kaihan

The shielding effect is good, and the concealment is good, very satisfied