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Understand the risks of mobile phone jammers before purchasing


Types of signal jammer commonly sold

A mobile phone jammer is a device that blocks signals from wireless networks (including mobile phones). Nowadays, every teenager is equipped with the latest smartphones, which can interfere with classroom exams and courses. Governments around the world are considering installing them in sensitive areas such as schools and churches.

The following is a list of different types of mobile phone blockers that are sold on a daily basis.

Portable drone jammer is a powerful handheld jammer

Portable drone jammers are an excellent choice for preventing espionage, tracking, and photography. This device can block communication and data signals in the 5.8 GHz frequency band typically operated by drones. It can be powered by the power grid or vehicle batteries. Most models come with different connectors, including LAN ports and USB connections. This device is very portable and can be operated without any special knowledge.

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High power 30W jammer blocks voice and text on the phone

You can easily turn on and off the high-power 30W mobile phone jammer using the wireless remote control. It also has an output power of 500 milliwatts, which can be used in various applications, including public security, judicial administration, and even cinemas. This high-performance device can also block voice and text in telephone signals, as well as wireless microphones, televisions, and WIFI routers.

Interference with WiFi

Mobile phone blocker is an electronic device that blocks mobile phone signals. A cellular phone is a handheld two-way radio. When the mobile phone jammer is active, it will interfere with the signals of wireless devices, including WiFi, 3G, and 4G networks. There are many types of mobile phone jammers, including those that block cordless wireless network signals. But before purchasing a mobile phone jammer, it is important to understand the risks it poses.

Interference with GPS

Mobile phone jammers can interfere with GPS in multiple ways. This technology is widely available and easy to obtain; Just search for GPS jammers online and you will find dozens of sites. These devices pose a serious threat to businesses and organizations as they interfere with critical data and business operations. In addition, GPS devices are crucial for the safety of the United States, as they are used by emergency services, police, and fire departments. In addition, hackers may interfere with GPS tracking of international freight. If an employee is mistaken for a foreign agent, or worse, the consequences may be very serious.

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