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WRJ-02 Drone Gun Jammer 500-1000 meters 1.5GHz 2.4GHz 5.8GHz


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Product Informations

This is a newest gun uav jammers. Using the latest technology, it can jamming frequency bands of 1.5ghz, 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz. Output power can be adjusted. It has independent frequency band switch, specific frequency bands can be interfered as needed. Adopt unique gun design, cooperate with auxiliary sight can quickly shot down high altitude UAV. It has very large jamming range, up to 500-1000 meters.

Unique segmented jamming function. Can separate jamming GPS positioning, image transmission and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) remote control function. When you open the 1.5 G switch, drone will cease to receive GPS signals. At this point, the drone will return go home because it can't receive a GPS signal. When opening 2.4 G and 5.8 G switches, the image transmission and uav control can be disturbed. When you open all the switch, unmanned aerial vehicle will hover and slowly descend

Effective jamming DJI drone even military uavs.However, what we need to pay attention to is that the frequency bands of military drones and civilian drones are different, so we need to pay attention to the bands when using them. Often used for drone control, maintain the venue order, prevent drone smuggling.

Product Features:
1.Using ultra-high-frequency broadband jamming technology
2.The output power can be adjusted
3.Large jamming distance, 500-1000 meters
4.Using the built-in battery, can continue to use 1-1.5 hours
5.It will not affect the operation of other electronic equipment

1.The jammers are customized according to the frequency bands of different countries, please confirm that the purchase country and the actual use country are consistent. Otherwise it can not be used.Please read the jammer function before purchasing.
2.If the low power jammers(such as handheld jammers) to blocker signal device(such asWIFI router, Bluetooth audio equipment, etc.), the effect will be poor or even can not jammer.
3.It is forbidden to use while charging.
4.Do not use handheld jammers as desktop jammers.
5.Do not use jammers before connecting the antenna.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model WRJ-02
Jamming frequencies 1.5 GHz
2.4 GHz
5.8 GHz
Jamming radius 500-1000 meters
Voltage AC 220 V
Power supply Built-in battery
Weight 5100 g
Size 110cm*30cm*10cm
Operating temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Operating humidity 5% to 80%

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