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A jammer ensures that the phone can no longer communicate with the radio


Cell Phone Blocker For Cell Phone Tracking

Cell phones are relatively easy to locate. Due to the need to log in to different wireless cells again and again, and each mobile phone has its own identification code, it can be located relatively quickly. GPS is of course faster and most importantly more accurate.

However, these signals can be blocked or superimposed relatively easily. For this, you need jammers, so-called cell phone jammer or cell phone blockers, which only interfere with the above-mentioned signals.

With its jamming signal, the jammer ensures that the mobile phone can no longer establish contact with the radio cell, so no text messages or calls are received. So you also have the advantage of peace and quiet.

Cell phone/GPS jammers only last for a short time

The device is relatively small, so you can fit it in your pocket. However, the range is limited to ten meters, so it's more suitable for small groups. After three hours, the fun is over, because at that point the battery has to be recharged.

contact radios jammers phones

You can buy such a GPS and cell phone jammer on the Internet for about 25 Euros.

What's against using cell phone jammers?

There are also good reasons for the ban. For example, when a cell phone rings to ruin the mood of a show, while annoying and irritating, it doesn't do any harm.

Who can use a cell phone jammer?

In Germany, the authorities now have some isolated projects, such as jails using signal jammer to disrupt the signals of illegal mobile phones used by prisoners. This is allowed.

In France, jammers can also be used in cinemas, theaters and public events, but are still banned in Germany.

Cell phone blockers are relatively easy and cheap to obtain on the Internet, but individuals and companies are not allowed to use them in Germany. As an organizer, restaurant owner, cinema or theater operator, you still have no choice but to point out to your guests and visitors that their phones must be turned off. If you use a cell phone jammer instead, it can get expensive in some cases.

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