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Audio blockers get a lot of premium performance for a little money


Error signal jammer can resist eavesdropping errors

In the entry-level range of Europe, there are reliable audio jammers priced below 1000 euros. An example is an audio jammer with a noise generator, which we can provide for you in our online store.

A reliable and very powerful audio jammer is more precisely an error jammer. It detects errors and makes them harmless by emitting voice frequency, ultrasound, and static noise. Five ultrasonic transducer and a powerful loudspeaker are used here.

The range of up to 7 meters is impressive. However, we recommend using a maximum range of 2 meters to achieve maximum efficiency. You don't need to worry about loud sound, as the eavesdropper can also be completely silent for use. Another advantage is that external speakers can be turned on for larger rooms.

If you want to get a lot of performance for very little money, then this audio jammer will provide you with great service. Because the device is small and relatively inexpensive, it brings a lot of performance, which is rarely found in similar products within this price range.

Audio jammer with noise generator

Another very professional jammer that can prevent unnecessary eavesdropping is our top-level audio jammer with a noise generator.

This type of audio jammer generates a lot of noise and can interfere with the clear recording of various listening microphones. It has an incredible 330 ° wide pointing angle and can provide comprehensive protection up to 1.5 meters away. It is very suitable for protecting sensitive information and conversations classified as confidential from unnecessary eavesdropping and eavesdropping.

The uniqueness of this device lies in its working principle. A specially designed algorithm will force the listening device to produce resonance, resulting in an inaudible recording. This means that any microphone placed near the device will be completely submerged by noise and disabled.

Compared to large fixed devices that can only be installed in one location, this audio jammer has strong mobility and is very easy to use. This means that it can be used on a large area in any type of indoor environment. Protect your meeting room, office, meeting or private space.

As is well known, GPS tracking has many advantages. But this positioning also has some drawbacks.

Finally, location determination also enables the assassin to locate the victim and execute the planned attack. But even in less eye-catching situations, GPS tracking has some negative effects.

Many assassins have utilized the possibility of location determination to locate potential victims at any time. In addition, many individuals use their phones to locate their partners due to jealousy and suspicion of infidelity.

Because if your own smartphone has already registered for location services, you can always determine your location. This means that if you tell your wife that you're driving to work and you're actually meeting some friends for a beer, it's easy for her to expose this lie.

In addition, some teenagers certainly do not want their parents to know immediately when they first meet a boyfriend or girlfriend.

There is now a technology that can prevent positioning: GPS jammers.

If you carry a so-called GPS jammer with you, the signal of the global positioning system will be interfered with, making it impossible to perform GPS positioning. The jammer can (due to the jammer) turn off the complete reception of GPS satellites.

little money audio jammers

An independent survey shows that many customers feel uneasy about constantly ringing mobile phones. In order to make this no longer a problem, the restaurant owner purchased a jammer.

This device will ensure that there is no mobile signal in the restaurant. Guests no longer need to be disturbed by the constant ringing of their phones. The restaurant owner hopes this can bring more customers again. Jammer is likely to achieve this.

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