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Professional thieves use the most modern technology jammers to disrupt alarm systems operating on WiFi or 4G


Police have recorded four burglaries in Heide, Waasmunster, all likely to have taken place on Monday night and overnight. In a burglary in Pelkemstraat, thieves were arrested at about 2am. This happens when the alarm goes off and the perpetrator has to flee. The residents themselves were not at home. The burglars first gained access to the outside balcony through a separate sliding window. They then took a shovel from the garden and smashed it on the window sash of the bar. From there they could enter the rest of the house. The exact disadvantages are not known. Remarkably, the next day,

Signal Jammers

Further investigation soon revealed that this was a so-called "regret". This is a freely available device that interferes with mobile signals. With a device like this, Wi-Fi, GPS, 4G, and cellular data become impossible. According to police, thieves use it for a variety of reasons. They are invisible because their own GSM signals cannot be captured. However, it has also been used to disrupt alarm systems and surveillance cameras operating on WiFi or 4G. This is the first time such a device has been found in a theft. According to the police, this leaves no doubt that they were professional thieves, using the most modern technology. Unfortunately you can buy it on the Internet for about 400 euros. In this case, he could not prevent the alarm clock from going off in any way.


Burglaries at three other addresses

Presumably, the same author has managed to reach three other addresses. Some small jewels were stolen from a house in Ommegangsdreef. The owners recently purchased the house and have yet to move into their new home. The house hasn't been decorated yet. At the back of the house, police determined the office window was damaged and open. Whoever did this forced the window open, probably with a sturdy screwdriver.

Residents of De Morgenster found their house broken into on Tuesday afternoon. The thief bent the wire fence in the garden and broke the kitchen window. All the Windows downstairs are open. Presumably, if caught, they could flee immediately. The thieves eventually found a spare key to the Fiat 500 in the garage and took the car with them. They can open garage doors and automatic doors simply by using a remote control in the car. They also stole jewelry.

Finally, there was also a burglary at a house in Lentelaan that was previously used as a second home. Here, too, the author entered through a window on the first floor. All the lockers were searched, but nothing was stolen from here.