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Pocket phone jammer prevents unauthorized work on the phone at specific locations


Pocket phone jammer

Pocket cell phone jammer is used to stop unauthorized work of cell phone in any specific location. We use Pocket phone jammer in churches, classrooms, cafes, restaurants, movie theaters and other places where quiet atmosphere is needed. This is a different type of pocket phone jammer. We can easily take it anywhere, such as meetings, cars and intelligence agencies, etc. It's a simple to use, pocket phone jammer. Pocket phone signal blocker can block up to 10 meters. This is a very advanced and powerful pocket phone jammer for jamming unwanted mobile signals including CDMA, DCS, GSM, 3G signals and 4G signals.

Pocket Blocker It is covered by a metal shield. It's easy to operate, and thanks to its portable size it fits easily anywhere.

It fits easily in your pocket for any confidential meeting or travel, and everyone knows any phone can struggle to disable the signal. It has a long battery backup, up to 2 to 3 hours without affecting any other electronic devices. Cutting off criminals' communications plays an invaluable role in the safety of military and police forces. Charging your Pocket Phone Jammer uses less power. This AC adapter and DC car charger can also charge. Easily recharges with AC and DC adapter car chargers.

Pocket phone jammers (metal body) also known as cell phone radio signal jammers, these types of devices are used to distract and jam almost all incoming signals from the associated network service provider, so only some specific phone jammers have this effect There are resistances, mainly of which you probably won't encounter anyway. Pocket phone jammers look like cell phones. It has an internal insulator antenna, and the battery can be replaced by hand as easily as a cell phone. Pocket phone jammer features high-quality design, low heat generation and continuous operation. We can use it to charge consumption. Radio signals from mobile jammers help us reduce pollution.


  • 1. 100% brand new and high quality cell phone signal jammer

  • 2. Generate enough interference to block all surrounding phone signals (GSM / CDMA 850Mhz~960Mhz / DCS/PHS 1805Mhz~1990Mhz / 3G 2110-2170 MHz)

  • 3. All-metal structure creates a strong sense of technology

  • 4. Block signals within a radius of 1-20m.

  • 5. Built-in 2500mAh lithium battery can last for 2 to 3 hours, also can be charged on AC adapter and DC car charger

  • 6. Due to low power consumption, it is harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly

  • 7. Lightweight and fits in your pocket

  • 8. Suitable for the following occasions:

  • 9. Classrooms and small seminar halls



2. Isolated signal frequency:

3. GSM / CDMA 850Mhz~960Mhz / DCS/PHS 1805Mhz~1990Mhz / 3G 2110-2170 MHz

4. Total transmit power: 3W

5. Coverage radius: 1-20 meters

6. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery DC 12V 2500mAh

7. Dimensions: 113 (height) * 60 (length) * 30 (width) mm

8. AC charger: AC110~220V

9. Working temperature: 30 to 60'C

10. Working humidity: 5 to95%