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Signal jammers have been installed in concert halls to listen to classical performances and music theatres


The way of cinema smart phone is being discussed. The ringtone or LCD light from your phone or smartphone is interrupting your long-awaited movie. It happens to everyone. Theaters report "Mode mode and power off" before screenings.

In response to the use of smartphones by moviegoers, a voice said, Please install a communication suppression device in the movie theater. Can equipment already installed in classical concerts and concert halls be installed in cinemas?

● Cellphone neighbors mess up the movie experience

The cinema is a special place where you can pay and take you into a different world. However, the behavior that ruins this extraordinary experience is "customer use of smartphones."

"The next customer's smartphone LCD screen is bright and disturbing," and "I want to get to the last volume." "Gacha, theater customer.


Despite the projection, there is a pervasive voice of resentment towards people who use mobile phones and smartphones in cinemas.

Many theaters show "etiquette videos" that ask for "shutdown" and "etiquette mode" before screening productions. Still, many moviegoers, despite their discomfort, said, "I want you to force the theater to send out radio waves, force you to turn off cell phone calls and communications."

● Other industry "war zones" have introduced communication deterrent devices

signal jammers have been installed in concert halls used for listening to classical performances, as well as in music theaters and theatres.

The "Imperial Theater" in Tokyo's Chiyoda ward introduced a deterrent device about 10 years ago to "maintain a silent theater environment" (operated by Toho Corporation). The device operates in such a way that it only works in the audience during performances.

As for cinemas, are there any cinemas that have been introduced? "To be honest, I don't know what was shown in theaters," said Keiji Kobayashi, deputy secretary general of the All Japan Federation of Film Producers (eiren).