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Signal jammers have to make sure drones don't drop bombs on the stadium


Russia is reportedly using jammers to prevent drone attacks. Russian news agency RBK reported. As a result, army Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov ordered the use of these devices outside the stadium.

"Drones are an effective means of transporting two or three kilograms of explosives," Alexei Filatov, a former anti-terrorism official, told RBK. Russia has suffered a series of suicide attacks since the 2010 World Cup, some by militants linked to the Islamic State terror group.

Russian military bases in the Middle East have also been hit by deadly drone strikes recently. So signal jammers have to make sure drones don't drop bombs on the stadium.

No drones flying over Moscow


Russia has already imposed dozens of no-fly zones and other airspace restrictions in the coming months. These include not only 12 stadiums and 11 host cities, but also hotels and training facilities for the 32 participating national teams. A permanent ban on drone flights over the capital Moscow.

anti drone jammers specialize in manipulating frequencies, and the technology also uses radar and infrared cameras, among others. In this way, the drone can be identified and located at a distance of up to ten kilometers. If a drone is classified as a threat, jammers can interrupt the connection between the flying object and the pilot. Drone shooting is also a possible option.