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Commercial cell phone jammers can block frequencies between 800 MHZ and 1900 MHZ at a range of 30 feet


What is the purpose for people to start using mobile phone blockers? Different people will give you different answers. Some for protective purposes, some for academic purposes, but also will use this equipment to improve work efficiency. While the uses are different, the demand for such devices is growing.

Commercial cell phone jammer block frequencies between 800 MHz and 1900 MHz within a 30-foot range and can be used cautiously in a pocket or purse to block all phones in a small area.

There are rumors that some academic institutions are seeking permission to block cell phone transmissions on the grounds of "academic dishonesty." People can easily use one of these cell phone jamming devices in public places such as Internet cafes.

In addition to being an effective tool in the fight against exam cheating, these devices can also protect people from various security threats and criminal activities. The device adds an extra layer of security for delegates at home and abroad; Silence is useful in lectures and seminars; Preventing detainees from maintaining contact with the outside world; And many of those activities.

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A cell phone jamming circuit or cell phone jamming circuit is an instrument or device that prevents a cell phone from receiving a signal. Basically, a mobile jammer circuit is a radio frequency transmitter that broadcasts a radio signal in the same (or similar) frequency range as GSM communications.

Jammers can block all radio communication on any device operating at a radio frequency within their range (i.e., within a specific radius of the signal jammers) by emitting radio waves that prevent the target device from establishing or maintaining a connection.

For example, jammers can prevent your phone from making or receiving calls, texts, and emails; Prevent Wi-Fi enabled devices from connecting to the Internet; Prevent your GPS device from receiving the correct positioning signal; And prevent first responders from finding you in an emergency.

Israel's prison Service said it installed jammers to prevent calls from smuggled mobile devices, saying they posed a security threat. He had no further comment.

Police also routinely block mobile phones during major raids against organized crime networks. Companies also use jammers to block corporate espionage by blocking voice and photo transmissions from camera phones.