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Chinese pig farms use signal jammers to stop criminal drones while disrupting passenger flights


According to reports, drones have been used to deliver contaminated meat to pig farms.

Chinese pig farms attempted to use signal jammers to stop criminal drones and accidentally disrupted the plane

One of China's largest animal feed producers uses radio transmitters to prevent fraudsters from using drones to spread African swine fever on their farms. But when the device interfered with the aircraft's navigation signal overhead, the plan went wrong.

Criminals will simulate the outbreak of swine fever on farms and use drones to drop contaminated pork products there as part of the extortion to profit from health panic. The purpose is to force farmers to sell animals to them at low prices, and then resell them as healthy livestock at much higher prices.

African swine fever is not a threat to humans, but it is deadly to pigs. Due to the crisis, China, the world's largest producer and consumer of pork, has seen a 35% decrease in pig stocks over the past year. This in turn has pushed up pork prices, which is one of the factors contributing to the country's recent rapid inflation growth.

The state newspaper reported that a pig raising unit of Beijing Dabei Agricultural Science and Technology Group violated civil aviation rules because the transmitter it installed to protect the farm interfered with the GPS signal in the area.

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It was discovered after complaining about signal loss while the flight was flying over the area.

The company confirmed the incident on Friday. The organization stated, "In order to prevent outsiders from using drones to drop pork infected with African swine fever virus, [one of our units] illegally used drone control equipment

We violated the radio regulations, although it was not intentional, "he said, adding that he had returned the equipment to the authorities and was prepared to accept sanctions.

The authorities have called for a crackdown on illegal suppliers of such equipment, stating that such equipment can only be used by public safety departments, national security agencies, and radio regulatory agencies.