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Bench jammer is a reliable and advanced modern observation and monitoring equipment


A desktop jammer is a reliable and accurate signal jammers that is the most advanced modern equipment for observation and surveillance. Secret recordings are part of our daily lives, and almost anyone can be a target for espionage. The consequences of secret recordings and eavesdropping can be disastrous for your work and private life. You have to do it yourself and protect yourself in time, and a desktop spyware signal blocker is the right device to do this.

Desktop Jammer guarantees comprehensive privacy protection in the workplace, country house, home, hotel, car... This effective and versatile spyware reporting device is easy to use and anyone can protect themselves from espionage.


Desktop spyware jammers interfere with or block data transfers between spyware devices. The interceptor uses a powerful antenna that emits electromagnetic waves at the frequency of spyware receivers, thereby preventing the signal from being transmitted and received.

Depending on the model, a desktop blocker can have multiple antennas, and each module with an antenna can be used as a separate signal blocker. If you want to interfere with a specific frequency or frequencies, you can request those frequencies specifically.

The advanced cooling system provides a constant operating temperature, and if maintained, the interrupters can operate for months without fear of overheating or interference with reduced signal strength.

High quality cabinets also contribute to the quality of interference work.

Technical characteristics and application of bench jammer

Desktop jammers reliably and accurately impede and block the operation of the most modern spy devices, which can be tiny and undetectable with the naked eye.

Desktop interceptors use powerful transmitters that emit electromagnetic waves at the frequency of the receiver, and are configured according to the terrain, the quality of the intercepted device, and the jammer model. Depending on the need, the antenna can be omnidirectional (paste) or directional (panel) :

Using an omnidirectional antenna, we can reach a lower range of devices, but the Angle of action is 360 degrees, which means that the electromagnetic wave travels spherically in all directions around the device. This type of interference is sufficient in buildings that need to cover the ground above and below a particular space and where equipment range is not a priority.

Using a directional antenna, we can achieve a range 3-4 times wider, but the interference Angle is lower, as low as 60 degrees. This type of interference is suitable for areas where the main goal is to reach a larger range of equipment and the width of the interference Angle is not a priority.