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Signal jammers will still be installed in correctional institutions in Leipzig and Dresden


The law forbids the use of mobile phones in prisons. Despite all the countermeasures, officers and sniffer dogs were still successful - a downward trend. signal jammers will now be installed in correctional institutions in Leipzig and Dresden.

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In Dresden's ten Saxon prisons, there are fewer and fewer contraband mobile phones. Recently, there has been a decrease in the number of mobile phones and smartphones seized from detainees. According to the Justice Department, there were 281 cases the year before, 372 the year before - and 454 in 2015. A spokesman said previous measures had worked. In particular, inspections of mobile phone dogs as well as detention and work areas have a dissuasive effect. As of the end of June 2018, there were 166 survey results.

In 2019, the two largest detention centers in Dresden and Leipzig will install systems that interfere with mobile phone reception at a cost of around 2.7 million euros. A department spokesman said it was the first time cell phone blocking had been possible. In some cases, prisoners have used illegal mobile phones to threaten, insult, coerce or blackmail witnesses, relatives or victims, to organize drugs or illicit pornography.

Most phones are smuggled in from outside

The law prohibits the possession and use of cell phones in prison. However, the spokesman said the equipment is still smuggled in from outside, especially when visiting, coming back from outside or throwing walls. In some cases, they visit businesses regarding detentions, the delivery of goods and packages, and employees and external employees.

Justice Minister Sebastian Zemkov (CDU) also saw the decline as a sign of the good work of prison staff. But he also sees additional potential for enforcing legal bans on cell phones in prisons. According to his spokesperson, it is important, especially during pre-trial detention, to prevent illegal communications between prisoners and the outside world, as this risks being covered up.

Control with sniffer dogs, detectors and detectors

In some cases, prison staff illegally receive inmates' mobile phones. For example, in March 2017, a former prison guard was sentenced for providing mobile phones to two fellow inmates. Entering and leaving vehicles are scrutinized and sometimes dogs, detectors and detectors are used.

Safety nets and privacy screens also make it more difficult to throw a phone against a wall from outside, a ministry spokesman said. For security reasons, even prisoners and visitors may be closely monitored.

Green criticism

The Green Party in parliament has criticised the use of mobile phone tracking devices and GPS jammers in institutions. Instead, they advocate for better communication opportunities for inmates - and landlines