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Now that phones are 4G compatible, the prison's old 2G network jammers don't interfere with the devices


Chandigarh Model Prison, also known as Burail Prison, has outdated 2G network jammers that cannot effectively jam 4G phone signals.

Plans to install improved 4G phone blockers in prisons have been on hold for several years.

During an inspection of Barracks 10, three mobile phones, including a smartphone, were recovered from prison inmates, who were identified as Ravinder Singh, alias Kali, a member of the gang Lawrence Bishnoi, Rajan Bhatti, a member of the gang. Alias Rajbir and Pardeep, alias Naggad's accomplices Saturday night.

While the incident raises questions about how inmates managed to get their hands on phones, it once again highlights the need for 4G gsm jammer in prisons.

Currently, the prison has only one 2G network jammer. Today's mobile phones are 4G compatible, and signal jammers installed in prisons do not interfere with the operation of these devices.

Prison officials admit that the old 2G network jammers are of little use.

Sources said that Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) had made a proposal to install jammers and conducted trials, but the proposal failed due to various reasons such as the cost of jammers, but it was finally realized.

Meanwhile, the case against Kali, Rajan and Pardeep, the plaintiff of Amandeep Singh, Deputy Warden of Chandigarh Model Prison, has been registered at the 49th District Police Station under Section 52A-(I)D of the Prisons Act. This is the first time a prisoner has been booked to hold a phone.

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Also in June 2018, prison officials recovered a cell phone from Rajan. Then, three mobile phones, including a smartphone, were recovered from his barracks.

Burail Prison has a capacity of 1,120 prisoners - 1,000 men and 120 women. On December 31, 2019, at least 984 detainees were incarcerated.