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Prison cell phone jammers are becoming a growing security need in prisons and detention centers


The use of cell phone jammers in prisons makes facilities more secure

More and more prisons are aware of the threat to the public and correctional staff from inmates' illegal use of cell phones. Prison cell phone jammer are becoming a growing security need in prisons, jails and detention centers.

Recent cases have shown that inmates in possession of illegal cell phones can use the devices to arrange for contraband to be transported into the prison system. To make matters worse, many inmates use cell phones to coordinate and execute plans for reprisals against witnesses and correctional officers, as well as to plan their escape.

Cell phone jammers in prisons have become a necessary addition to the Arsenal of tools needed to guard prisoners. Cell phones are getting smaller every day, making it easier to sneak them into institutions. This creates a tougher job for already overworked correctional staff, but cell phone jammers are a solution to prevent inmates from using their phones for potentially dangerous activities. The use of cell phone signal jammers may also force prisoners to use approved/monitored phone lines.


We also provide cell phone viewfinders, which are widely used by facilities to locate and confiscate prohibited cell phones in cells.

Prison Communications Security Act

With the recent passage of the Secure Prison Communications Act, U.S. prisons will soon become more secure custody facilities for inmates, isolating them from the outside world through illegal cell phone communications.

Our most popular prison models are widely used throughout South and Central America and have been field-proven to be excellent devices for all types of security facilities. You can also browse our full range of prison jammer models.

Our standard cell phone jammers are ideal for detention cells, detention centers, or other small facilities that don't require large coverage areas.

If you have any questions or want to make sure your installation is secure, please feel free to contact our experienced staff.