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The cell phone jammer has been in use at Offenburg Correctional Facility for a year and is working fine


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A cell phone jammer that has been in use for a year at Offenburg Correctional Institution is now working properly after a testing phase.

Justice Minister Ulrich Goll (FDP) said in Stuttgart today that Baden-Wurttemberg was the first federal state to introduce such a system in July 2009 to curb mobile phone traffic in correctional facilities.

Following the successful testing phase, the Federal Network Agency has now approved the facility for permanent operation. "As a result, prisoners never have the opportunity to use smuggled cell phones to communicate with the outside world," Gore said.

The system works properly and there has never been any malfunction of mobile phones outside the premises. "Such concerns were expressed several times before the trial run, but proved unfounded," the minister noted.

"Smuggling mobile phones into prisons and secretly using them for criminal purposes endangers the internal security and order of the institution." By using jamming stations, we can also prevent drugs or drug dealing. Other criminal acts organized outside the detention center ", the Minister of the declaration.

Given Offenburg's positive experience, there are plans to use cell phone signal jammers in other prisons across the country in the future. Goll announced that the corresponding system will be operational this year at the Lorrach branch of the Waldshut-Tiengen Correctional Centre.