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Police are preparing to use drone signal jammers to make sure no one flies anywhere without permission


Kuala Lumpur: All parties, including media professionals, have been warned not to fly drones anywhere in the country during the enforcement of a motion control Order (CPP) until May 12.

Superintendent Rasha Azaldin Shafii, head of the Drone Unit (PDU) of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (PGU), said the drone flight by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (CAAM) was in breach of the Malaysian Civil Aviation Regulations 2016 (Myka 2016).

"Individuals who illegally operate drones can be fined a minimum of RM50,000 or jailed for three years, or companies can be fined up to RM100,000.


"Please note that not all parties are allowed to fly drones unless they have CAAM's permission and police's permission," he told Bernama.

He said during the implementation of the CPP, he had tracked four cases of illegal processing of drones and PDAM permits across the country.

"Further investigation into the matter is ongoing and police are prepared to use drone signal jammers to ensure that no one flies anywhere without permission," he said.

Rasha Azaldin said the use of drones was specifically for conducting aerial surveillance across the country, including areas of the Enforcement Operations Control Command (PKPD).

"The use of drone technology throughout the CPR period has been particularly effective in early warning and warning to contain the COVID-19 outbreak," he said.

On April 7, CAAM authorized the PDRM, through the PGU Dron Division, to operate Unmanned Aircraft systems (UAS) or drones for surveillance and law enforcement during the CPP.

CAAM also announced a partnership with the Malaysian Armed Forces and three private drone companies to operate UAVs led by PDRM.