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Jamming suppression technology can interrupt GPS reception for several kilometers or more

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  Without the Global Positioning System (GPS), it is difficult to imagine life. It is used by government departments, military, businesses and civilians owned by the US Air Force and operated by the US Air Force satellite navigation system for various purposes, including landing and flying along the correct route to the nearest Thai restaurant. Due to technical failures, the 24 earth-orbiting satellites that keep GPS running may stop sending signals in just one day, and the threat to the function of the positioning system is more likely to come from this technology. Interference If a GPS attack occurs, critical infrastructures such as Power grids and ATM networks may stop functioning, disrupting daily life.

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  In order to avoid this terrible situation, experts have worked tirelessly for many years to find a reliable antidote to solve GPS jammers. One of the groups does not operate within the scope of the aeronautical communication system implementation department and has developed the Blind Interference Signal Suppression technology, which experts say is designed to cancel interference signals and interfere with GPS reception. The Global Positioning System uses satellites orbiting the earth to send radio signals that reach the GPS receiver to determine the position through triangulation. Triangulation, method of measuring three different points to calculate the position.

  GPS can be used in portable devices such as smartphones and can be found in vehicle navigation and positioning systems and small GPS tracking devices. In addition to determining geographic location, GPS also provides a key dimension-time. Nowadays, GPS has become an indispensable part of many industries, including communications, electricity and utilities, financial services, emergency services, transportation, among others. In addition, many other devices rely on positioning systems to some extent.GPS jammers were originally created for military organizations and spy agencies to confuse the enemy at the exact location or ensure that the enemy’s GPS-guided missiles/bombs will not reach the target.

  In recent years, civilians have sought these devices for privacy protection purposes. However, most civilians do not have the technical knowledge to operate these devices. The GPS interference is due to the broadcast work through satellites to ensure that the receiver cannot receive the same frequency noise of the signal. Depending on the broadcast Power of the jammer, it may interrupt GPS reception by several meters, several kilometers or even longer. The Blind Interference Signal Suppression developers of the implementation division of the aeronautical communication system under development claim that BLISS can be implemented with existing receivers as a separate device between GPS receivers and their antennas, or integrated into future receivers In the chipset.

  BLISS uses a set of proprietary algorithms to estimate the specific characteristics of Power jammers, which can reduce the impact of various strong jammers. One of the architects of BLISS. Different from traditional methods, BLISS can also effectively combat interference matching the target signal and does not allow interference to quickly change its frequency or phase characteristics. Its developers say that this technology has broad prospects and has been licensed by Orolia's subsidiary Talen-X, which specializes in precision time and frequency products.

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