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GPS jammer interrupts automatic route planning for vehicles

Kourtney PEARSON

  The GPS satellite positioning system is the most commonly used satellite positioning system in the world.The device comes with an external antenna that allows you to adjust the directivity of your signal to give you maximum coverage while keeping unwanted signals as far away from you as possible.It only needs to be inserted into the cigarette lighter to work normally and continuously.In manual route design, the driver designs the starting point, ending point and waypoint according to his own destination, and automatically establishes a route library.

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  Vehicle tracking function; the actual position of the vehicle can be displayed in real time using GPS and electronic map, and can be zoomed in, zoomed out, restored, and changed at will; it can move with the target to keep the target on the screen; it can also realize multi-window , multi-vehicle, multi-screen tracking at the same time.Information query function; provide users with databases of main objects, such as tourist attractions, hotels, hospitals, etc., users can display their positions on the electronic map.

  The automatic route planning is that the driver determines the starting point and destination, and the computer software automatically designs the optimal driving route according to the requirements, including the calculation of the fastest route, the easiest route, and the route with the least number of highway sections.To a certain extent, personal privacy is violated.The command center can also communicate with the tracked target at any time to implement management.The electronic map of the monitoring station displays the help information and the alarm target, plans the optimal assistance plan, and reminds the on-duty personnel to carry out emergency treatment with alarm sound and light., and other human services.

  At the same time, it can also interfere with the positioning information of mobile phone signal base stations.After the route planning is completed, the display can display the designed route on the electronic map, and at the same time display the vehicle running path and running method.At the same time, the monitoring center can use the monitoring console to query the location of any target in the area, and the vehicle information will be displayed on the electronic map of the control center in digital form.Emergency assistance function; through the GPS positioning and monitoring management system, emergency assistance can be provided to vehicles in danger or accidents.This function is widely used in the vehicle transportation industry and the financial loan industry.The location information of the vehicle is extremely easy to be obtained by others; it is only necessary to load a specific GPS positioning device on the body to obtain the vehicle location information in real time.

  At present, my country already has a relatively mature satellite positioning system, but it is not as good as the GPS satellite positioning system in terms of global coverage and accuracy.Traffic command function; the command center can monitor the running status of vehicles in the area and make reasonable scheduling of the monitored vehicles.Personal location information is also very easy to be stolen; current location trackers are getting smaller, lighter, and more accurate, which makes it easier for some criminals to steal and monitor the location information of others.Is the satellite positioning GPS jammers with the widest signal shielding range and the largest effective shielding distance !

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