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GPS jammer devices can interfere with all aspects of GPS, including navigation and tracking


  From paranoia and conspiracy to fear of being tracked to employees who don't want to follow their boss, more and more people use GPS jammers.They are easily available online.You can even find them on websites like eBay.Many users may think that they are legal, so they are too lazy to study the surrounding laws.But as an employer, how do you struggle with people who use GPS jammers and how do you find them? So what are GPS jammers and how do they work.A GPS jammer is a device that uses radio frequencies to transmit signals that can block, interfere with, or interfere with the GPS system.These devices interfere with all aspects of GPS, including navigation and tracking.

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  These devices are usually small and most are easy to install.Users only need to plug them into the cigarette lighter or car charger port (does the car have a cigarette lighter port?) And ensure that the equipment is close to the GPS tracker to avoid interfering with the signal.It takes less than half a minute to start, which makes them attractive to criminals and employees, because you can insert them as needed and delete them the rest of the time.The good news is that if you have one or more employees trying to use GPS jammers to interfere with your fleet tracking system, you will know.Although your drivers may think that illegal interference makes them invisible, they are increasingly concerned about their own behavior.

  If an employee uses a GPS jammer to interrupt the GPS signal, it will be displayed as a trip interruption or loss on the real-time tracking map or trip history map.In addition, if they insert jammers only part of their journey, you will see a line from the beginning of the jamming to the end of the device.Some newer GPS trackers even have GPS interference detection functions.In addition, you can create exception rules to check for GPS signal failures and trigger alerts or emails in the event of GPS interference.Once it is detected that employees have broken the GPS tracking, they can be dealt with.You also have GPS interference records of disciplinary actions, such as dismissing guilty employees for some reason.

  Research on the number of drivers using GPS jammers to try to hide their position from employers is inconclusive.However, their use seems to be increasing.Although most GPS jammer users may not use them to cover up illegal activities, the illegal reasons for purchasing, selling or using these devices depend on public safety.

  Interestingly, the workers who use them think they can cheat the boss.Instead, employers can easily monitor when and if employees use GPS to interfere and track any events.If you are worried that the driver may tempt you to use the equipment, please pay attention to the report and face the captured employee.You can also consider training drivers so that GPS jammers cannot help them avoid GPS tracking, which may not only lead to dismissal, but may also lead to fines and imprisonment.Because of violation of federal laws.Eventually, your driver will learn that these devices are not worth using.

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