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Mobile phones increase people’s inertia

Perfectjammer 2020-10-12

 portable cell phone jammer

Nowadays, mobile phones play an increasingly important and comprehensive role in our lives. The mobile phone has unparalleled power and has completely changed the life of mankind and the whole world. Smart phones mainly affect people's behavior habits through direct and indirect effects. People are more focused on the phone, but forget a lot of things. Interference will block your cell phone signal, bring you a different life, let us get closer to nature and love nature.

Are drunk passengers screaming their "private" lives when facing the entire truck and get drunk through telephone conversations? There are two solutions for you to choose: lightly tap his shoulder to show your troubles, or, more dangerously, cut him off by activating a cell phone jammer. Jammers are known as "mobile phone jammers" in the United States and emit radio waves to prevent mobile phones from connecting to the Internet. For small children, the radius is within five meters, while the equipment used for police is within a radius of several hundred meters.

Before President Trump visited London last month, the British media had been speculating wildly about the special security measures that would be taken to protect him. Newspapers worry about many major issues (closed streets, traffic jams), but they also raise more specific concerns: Will the British government selectively block cell phone signal bushes on the president’s route? If this is done, then no matter whether it is shutting down the cellular network along its path or blocking the local cell phone signal, nearby cell phones will be unavailable.

In fact, they have not yet blocked the phone. But this incredible preventive measure is not the result of the British imagination. Mobile jammers-already used by security experts and ordinary citizens on the Internet-are surprisingly useful (and widely used) tools, and they are easily as popular as the mobile phones themselves.

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