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Portable GPS jammers commit various frauds

Perfectjammer 2020-10-12

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Thieves do not need Auto Plus to learn new car theft techniques. On the other hand, our readers are always curious to see these tricks and discover what these scammers have unearthed to steal the contents of our cars. The general trend in recent years is "break-in". Learn how to open and close the car without having to suspect the slightest intrusion. Auto Plus also accidentally discovered a new weapon whose design is as simple as its function: jamming the radio broadcast of a gps jammer.

Once they have obtained the device and stole your car, they just need to open it. Your car will disappear from the map. This is not a permanent measure-these thieves can open the car into their garage, where they can disassemble and remove the built-in GPS tracker. After that, there is no chance to follow the car. So if you want to know why the government prohibits the use of blocking technologies in most countries, now you can understand the main reason. Therefore, please be careful, because you know they are not as safe as you think, and you want to get a car and GPS.

In fact, many countries/regions allow the use of GPS jammers, while prohibiting the use of cell phone interference. There are many ways to use portable GPS jammers for various frauds. If you search the Internet, you will find many Internet shops that can easily sell GPS jammers without worrying about your intentions. Keep in mind that if something happens when GPS signals or interfering with car driving signals, then some place around you may be interfered. In this case, you must remain vigilant.

The most basic method is that after the car owner locks it with the remote control key, he does not rush to leave, he must pull the door again to make sure the door is on the latch and then leave. Another preventive measure is also more important, that is, after parking, you must pay attention to the surroundings. There is no suspicious person. If there are suspicious people around, don't leave in a hurry and remind them in time. Finally, as a precaution, do not put cash, bank cards and documents and other unattended valuables in the car. In addition, this device is the best car to provide mechanical locks, steering wheel locks, etc.

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